Welcome to MakerMeans

We are just getting started! In January, we will be adding products to our product catalog. But in the meantime, we’re launching with what we call a campaign. And not just any campaign. We’ve been collaborating with Jennifer McGuire on a first of its kind, Share Handmade Kindness campaign! Curious? Come take a look.

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Why MakerMeans?

We are curating a better eCommerce experience for all who make, craft, and create by finding the best maker supplies and crafter supplies, presenting them simply, and helping throughout.

We’ve been enamored with making and crafting things for a long time. Some of us are better at it than others, but we all share a desire to resist our throw-away, over-produced culture, to empower others to create rather than just consume, and to cherish things that matter.



Campaigns are essentially an idea, cause, or movement whose purpose is to serve the common good in some way. We collaborate with individuals and other companies in curating and producing a selection of merchandise in support of the campaign.



Projects are a way to be inspired, to learn a new skill, and maybe fall in love with a new hobby. The instructions are optional but the community of doers, makers, and people who encourage one another are required. Projects will release in the new year.


Selective Catalog

Our catalog is a little different than many others, in that we are as intentional as we can be in knowing where the products in our catalog are made. We are avid supporters of small businesses. We believe in being good stewards of resources. And we’re committed to helping you find products that you can feel good about.


Share Handmade Kindness

The Share Handmade Kindness campaign was created by Jennifer McGuire in 2015 to capture the purpose and intent behind her papercrafting hobby turned business. Jennifer uses her own papercrafting as well as the techniques she teaches others to spread the very simply idea that small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on the lives of others. By using handmade cards (or whatever you prefer to make by hand) to intentionally share kindness to others, you help bring a little more joy into the world.

Join a Community that Matters!

We’d love for you to join our efforts in curating a better experience for all who create as well as follow our vision to create something meaningful within the context of business.