About MakerMeans

Our Promise

Curate a better experience for all who create by finding the best stuff, presenting it simply, and helping throughout.

Our Process

1. Find the Best Stuff

2. Present it simply

3. Help when Needed

4. Ship it Promptly

5. Help Again when Needed

6. Randomly Surprise

Our Purpose

Remake expectations of what is possible, particularly in how business is conducted among humans.

Our Origin Story

We’ve been enamored with making and crafting things for a long time. Some of us are better at it than others, but we all share a desire to resist our throw-away, over-produced culture, to empower others to create rather than just consume, and to cherish things that matter. 

Several of us created a digital agency known as ipsoCreative which served clients in the crafting space for years. From that, we learned to love the open-handed community that exists among crafters and makers. So, when the season of ipso reached its conclusion, we decided to launch a new business that approaches business in much the same way, but now among the realm of products rather than services. 

And our origin is similar to so many other small businesses – started by a handful of like-minded folks without deep resources, but with a vision to create something meaningful with what resources were available and with a little help from our friends.

Our Core Values

  1. Be diligent
  2. Be grateful
  3. Stretch possibility
  1. Earn trust
  2. Randomly surprise
  3. Show possibility
  1. Welcome everyone
  2. Share openly
  3. Spread possibility

Our Culture

We are a business of humans, by humans, and for humans.
We exist to help humans flourish through the act of creating and the act of making things that matter.