How We Curate

cu·rated | adjective

a selected, organized, and presented grouping of items using specialized knowledge

Here at MakerMeans, when we say that projects or products are curated, that means a few things. Generally, it means that we’ve taken care in selecting the products that you are looking at on our website. To the best of our ability, we seek to source and present items where we know their origin. We’ve selected products that are well made from companies who are as intentional about their efforts in business as we are.

It also means that we’ve selected products from among all of the clutter out there in order to help alleviate that sometimes overwhelming barrier to getting started. We want to help you and everyone else concentrate on simply enjoying the act of creating, making, and crafting. We believe that we were created to create. But it needs to be sustainable and it should be enjoyable. 

There’s a difference in how we curate products
among the three main areas of our website:


This is our most limited selection of products specific to just an individual campaign


Our second most limited selection of products  listed in a particular project, but could be used elsewhere


This is our most expansive listing of products, but still carefully selected for quality, usefulness, aesthetics, and source

We strive to be good stewards of our collective environment; to choose and present products that are well made; to collaborate with companies who share our beliefs about valuing humans; and to help you as well as every human flourish in whatever ways we can.

The humans of MakerMeans

If you want to see us carry a certain product or a certain line of products (even your own products if you are a manufacturer) please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us submission form. Let us know who you are, what you’d like to see us carry, and any other recommendations along those lines. We’d love to hear from you!