About Campaigns

cam·paign | noun

an organized course of action to achieve a goal

A MakerMeans campaign is a collaboration between us and a maker, crafter, designer, company or organization who supports an idea bigger than themselves – an idea for the common good.

Generally the products in our catalog are tools and materials to make things. Campaign products are different. They are finished goods like apparel, accessories, decor, and merchandise that features the brand or message of the campaign. These campaign products are a great way to show your support of an idea, to spark others’ curiosity about that idea, or just to remind yourself in order to stay focused on those things that matter. 

What’s a Campaign on MakerMeans?

A way to show support of an idea that serves the common good
A collaboration with individuals or companies who share that idea
A selection of merchandise that features the message of the campaign
A short term (90 days) offering that won’t return in exactly the same way

Each campaign that we feature will stay live for 90 days and in the near future, every month we’ll be rolling out a new campaign. So at any given time, you’ll have access to three campaigns. But as we launch a new campaign another one will be retired, never to return in exactly the same way. When we bring a campaign back, it will have new merchandise for you to choose from. That way, we’re keeping it fresh in hopes of spreading that idea for the common good even further and hopefully to new folks.


Share Handmade Kindness

The Share Handmade Kindness campaign was created by Jennifer McGuire in 2015 to capture the purpose and intent behind her papercrafting hobby turned business. Jennifer uses her own papercrafting as well as the techniques she teaches others to spread the very simple idea that small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on the lives of others. By using handmade cards (or whatever you prefer to make by hand) to intentionally share kindness with others, you help bring a little more joy into the world.


Courage to enCourage

Courage to enCourage was created by Liz Poest, founder of enCourage Co. enCourage Co. exists to encourage and empower people in the ordinary and the everyday through carefully considered design services, hand lettering, and uplifting goods.The Courage to enCourage campaign is an extension of that. 

Sometimes it’s difficult, overwhelming, or intimidating to step out with courage and give support to someone else. Realizing that in herself, Liz has designed all of the goods and tools in this campaign to help encourage you and everyone else to take that step. It’s worth it.

And if you want to collaborate with us on a campaign in the future, please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us submission form. Let us know who you are, what your brand stands for, and what you envision for your collaboration with us on a campaign that serves the common good of humans. We’d love to hear from you!